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Firebox Repair

When you have a damaged Firebox from wear and tear it is highly recommended to look into our firebox repair / rebuild services.

Chimney Cleaning

Free your chimney from soot and debris with a fast and thorough cleaning! Our licensed experts at Pro Chimney Cleaning will leave it sparkling like it’s brand new.

Gas Log Installation

Love the look of a wood-burning fire, but don’t want the hassle and smell? Book an appointment today to see about installing Gas logs in your home.

Dirty Chimney in Utah

Chimney Cleaning In Utah 

Pro Chimney Cleaning is proud to service Utah County, Salt Lake County, and its surrounding areas with professional chimney cleanings, inspections, and installations. Some reasons you should choose us.

  • Fully Licensed & Insured Technicians
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Competitive Prices on All Services

Shopping around for the perfect fireplace can be time-consuming and burdensome work while you check that everything will fit the way you need it to. Let us do the work for you by finding the perfect fireplace for your home or office!

What Chimney Services Do We Offer? 

Our company can service any type of chimney whether it be for your home, office, or even restaurant, we got you covered. While most of our customers use us for regularly scheduled cleanings, we also perform repairs, new installations, and inspections. 

Over the years we find Chimneys need special care and attention when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them. With use, chimneys will accumulate Creosote along the chimney walls. This usually will not affect the functionality, but it can pose a serious fire hazard if the chimney is not cleaned regularly or neglected for an extended period. Call us today to book a camera inspection to get your chimney checked out!

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Heat Your Home With Efficiency!

Regular Chimney Cleaning
will save you time & money


Best Service Guaranteed

Find some of the best prices in the industry with Pro Chimney Cleaning. Save up to 60% on chimney cleanings, chimney relining, installation and much more!

Homes Serviced

When you hire Pro Chimney Cleaning, you’ll see why we have such a solid reputation in the industry, with hundreds of satisfied customers every year.


Clean and Safe Chimney

A dirty chimney can present many different concerns about the safety and cleanliness of the home. Don’t hesitate to take action, call us today for an estimate/inspection and see what condition your chimney is in.


10% Off For Chimney Cleaning

Heat your home with your Gas fireplace this winter and save on your heating bill! Save money on your cleaning and inspection, offer is available for a limited time only!


FREE Consultation and Estimate

Just moved in or renting? We offer a free consultation for any chimney which may need repairs or inspection to ensure your fireplace is safe to use.


20% Off For Senior Citizens

We care greatly for our community and pay it forward to anyone 65+ who needs to use their chimney.

What WE Offer

Available for 24/7

Fast & Reliable Service

Our Mobile fleet makes it easy to bring the tools we need with us, wherever, whenever!

Skilled & Trained Personnel

Hire a team of qualified, insured professionals who are local to you when you chose Pro Chimney cleaning!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Providing exceptional service is our guarantee! If you’re unsatisfied we will come back out or offer your money back!

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Rest assured you’re hiring licensed and insured experts who can tackle any problem!

questions in mind?

Frequently Asked Questions
For Chimney Cleaning

How Often Should I Have My Chimney Inspected?

We recommend having an annual chimney cleaning and inspection done. This is a crucial service done for preventative maintenance to ensure the chimney is safe to use.

Soot naturally builds inside the chimney which is flammable and can pose a serious risk if left untreated.

How Long Does A Chimney Cleaning Take?

Cleanings can usually take anywhere from 1-2 hours for an annual cleaning. If it has been longer than 12 months since your chimney was serviced, it may take longer for us to build a comprehensive report to investigate any issues or damages in the line. For any cleaning an estimate will be provided for any repairs that might be needed.

Why Does My Chimney Smell?

Any smells coming from your chimney could be due to a number of different things. Most often it is a buildup of creosote in the chimney, usually seen in wood-burning chimneys. However it is not uncommon that animals or birds will get into the chimney and get stuck. During the  hotter months it generally is more humid and will smell worse. 

Do Gas Chimneys Need To Be Cleaned?

Absolutely! Like wood burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces also will accumulate buildup of soot which can be problematic and unsafe to use. It is also worth considering there could be other debris in the line that you would want to check before you begin using it. 

How Do You Check If The Flue/Line Is Clear?

Our teams are equipped with cameras on an extending reel with lights that let us check the entire chimney and visually see if there is anything in the line. 

Customer Experience

We are as good as what our customer say.

I had my chimney cleaned and I am very pleased with the result. The fireplace looked great and i paid so much less than thought I would!

Gary P

Very clean work. Not a speck of dust or charcoal left in my home or in my fireplace. They left me no mess to clean up and nothing to worry about. Thank you again for the amazing work you have done on my home!

– J Stegall

I called all over just trying to get a quote without going through a lot of hoops. Pro Chimney Cleaning gave me a quote almost immediately.

Beau T

Out off all the years I’ve lived in this old house I’ve never seen what color the bricks are in my fireplace, they have always been black and covered in charcoal. The techs who came out made them look almost new I had no idea the bricks where red!

Taylour O

why choose us

Trusted Chimney Cleaner

Whether you’re just getting your annual Level 1 Inspection done, or there’s more extensive work to be done, we can handle it all! All of our inspections come with a full report and final decision on if it is safe to use your chimney. 

Don’t wait any longer, most homes equipped with gas or wood burning chimneys can help you save a ton on your heating bill during the colder months. Call us today and we take care of everything from inspection to cleanup.


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