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Hiring us to take care of all your chimney services needs is something you won’t regret. All of our Draper chimney cleaners are properly equipped with industry leading tools and equipment to ensure a safe and efficent chimney cleaning along with a thorough inspection with every job performed. 

Allow Pro Chimney Cleaning to be your Premier Draper Chimney Sweep & Fireplace Service 

What Can You Expect During Your Draper Chimney Cleaning Experience?

Affordable Draper Chimney Cleaning And Chimney Inspections

Cleaning the chimney is something that you don’t want problems to arise when having cleaned or inspected. Our professional Draper Chimney cleaners are going to be diligent with their approach and do our best to help educate you about your chimney or fireplace. 

The cleaning is going to be detailed and it is going to allow you to use the fireplace without a worry.

We are all about the details with our work and that is something you will notice as soon as you hire us at Pro Chimney Cleaning. 

Local Draper Fireplace & Chimney Services

Fully Licensed Chimney Experts In Draper, UT

When you are looking at choosing a Draper chimney cleaning that is going to do a good job, you will want to have specific standards in mind. These are the details that a lot of people don’t think about and they end up settling for a lot less than they should often times sacrificing quality.

With our team of professionals you are getting generations of experience at your fingertips for an honest and affordable rate.

We are fully licensed and insured and will always set high standards. This means you are getting a team that is the real deal. Our team takes their job very seriously and we aim to satisfy each and every customer with every job performed.

Straight Forward & Time Efficient Work Performed

The timeline is something you should be keeping in your mind. You do not want a situation where things get dragged out as that can become frustrating. You will want a professional company to get things done right the first time.

We are fully dedicated to everything related to chimney and fireplace services process. Our company lives and breathes Chimney haha, that is something you don’t find everyday with working with a chimney contractor. The work will show you how passionate we are about what we do.

Chimney experts that will take care of everything from start to finish.


Draper Chimney Inspections, Fireplaces & More!

Honest & Affordable Chimney Cleaning Rates 

The rates that you are going to pay when using our services are built to be extremely competitive without sacrificing safety or quality. We realize you are going to have a budget in mind and that is something most clients will consider. With our help, you are not only going to get world-class results but you are also going to get multiple options for you to make the best decision for you.

With this approach we hope that it promotes turning out exactly the way you want it to be at a competitive rate.

Let us offer a world-class solution and a rate that fits your budget. This is what sets us apart from our competitors and will ensure a great customer experience.

  • Video Inspections

  • Removal Of Creosote
  • New Fire Place Build
  • Chimney Installation/Repair
  • Custom Chimney Cap Fabrication
  • Inspect For Gas Leaks
  • Ensure Proper Venting/Pressure
  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Flashing
  • Firebox Inserts
  • Woodburning Stove
  • Convert Chimney To Gas
  • Damper Repairs
  • Detailed Chimney Inspection
  • Custom Masonary Work
  • Firebox Services
  • Chimney Relining
  •  Animal and Debris Removal

  • Seal Off Chimney
  • Mortar Repairs

Procrastinating on Fireplace & Chimney Maintenance Can Be Detrimental

It is strongly recommended to high your chimney, firplace and wood burning stove regularly checked and service to ensure a safe and efficient burning process. 

Affordable Fireplace And Chimney Services

Firebox Repairs offered to Draper

When you have a firebox that is broken or years of usage it is important to keep safety in mind when dealing with fireboxes. As the firebox is a major safety factor on keeping the fire inside the box not allowing it to get hot enough to create a fire in your home.  It is important to find someone who makes you feel confident in their work and we believe that we are a good candidate.

Let us help with all your Draper firebox repairs and needs. Pro Chimney Cleaning is all about offering diligent results and that is something you are going to see when it is time to repair the firebox on-site.

Honest & Trustworthy Service

Working with a chimney contractor you can trust is imporant!

Experienced Professionals

We have industry leadings tools and equipment!

Customer Satisfaction In Mind

We work hard to provide first class results.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Properly Licensed, Bonded and insured.

Draper Chimney Relining Services

It is essential to understand the ins and outs of a chimney relining project. You are going to want to go through the process with a lot of care and that won’t be a problem when you work with us. We are going to offer a comprehensive solution that is going to bring the chimney back to how it should be. This is what makes us the right fit for you as our goal remains to analyze everything the way it should be.

It is important to look at a committed company that is going to take the time to iron out the critical details that make all the difference. As you begin to pinpoint what is required, you are going to want to choose a solution that works, which is where we are going to come into play.

At Pro Chimney Cleaning, you will get the best and that is going to include all types of services such as chimney relining, cleanings, and/or inspections. We do it all and we are going to do it at a rate that simply works.

Affordable Inspections

4k Camera Inspections & More!

Proper Chimney inspection performed can be the difference of costing you thousands and not.  You will want to choose a team that is on top of things right away and is not going to ignore the most important part of the process (i.e. the inspection).

Our Team of Draper Chimney inspectors uses industry leading tools and equipment to ensure we provide a thorough and detailed inspection on all your chimney and gas fireplaces. 


Working with Pro Chimney Cleaning in Draper surely won’t disappoint! 


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