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At Pro Chimney Cleaning, we are a reputable Payson Chimney cleaning services provider that is all about taking the time to hear out what our clients need. We strive to give our community only the highest quality of premium fireplace and chimney repairs for an honest rate. 

We are diligent, resourceful, and always willing to put in the hard work that you are hoping for. With us, you can rest easy knowing that your in good hands!

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30+ Years Of Expertise

Our experience is always something you are going to appreciate as soon as the process begins. We are resourceful with the work we do and that includes all of the filtering that takes place during the selection process.

We have fully licensed professionals that have been working in Payson for years. This means you are going to gain access to the best specialists in town and they are going to be willing to work at a moment’s notice.

Lean on us for any work that has to be done and know you are going to get great results with Pro Chimney Cleaning’s Payson Chimney services.

Industry Leading Tools, Equipment and Techniques

It is the equipment that is going to play a role in how things turn out and the value you get. There is nothing worse than choosing a team that does not recognize the value of good tools. You will always want to choose a company that has the right equipment to inspect, repair, and install based on the needs of the project.

When that is the standard is set, you will know we are the right fit for you.

Our professionals vet everything that is used during the process to make sure it is going to get the job done.



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Pro Chimney Cleaning Provides Top Notch Chimney Services In Payson


Safety with your chimney is nothing to skip on

It is always important to think about safety when it comes to getting work done on the chimney. You will want to make sure all relevant precautions are taken into consideration when heading into a situation such as this. Our company is committed to being compliant when it comes to the local building code and will always put in the time to understand what you desire.

This is going to allow us to offer a solution that works and is going to age as you want it to.

Pro Chimney Cleaning is one of the premier companies in the region for a reason. We have been working hard when it comes to understanding what our clients need and how to maximize the setup to deliver good results. We know you want quality and that is what you are going to get with us from day one.

We will tailor the consultation based on what you are after and then begin working on the project at hand. To find out more, give us a call and someone from Pro Chimney Cleaning will take the time to get started with you.

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Affordable Chimney Cleaning Services

When the chimney is starting to show signs of aging or needs to be cleaned out, you will want to go with professionals that will get into those hard-to-reach areas. Traditional solutions are not going to work in most situations and that is why you will want to ensure you are taking the right approach. If you don’t do this, you are not going to like the results at all.

Always look to go with a solution that works, which is why Pro Chimney Cleaning is a good option.

We are reputable when it comes to cleaning chimneys and will always offer solutions that work.


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Enjoy Your Fireplace How you should

Efficient Burning & Safety

It is the results that are going to play a role in how things turn out. You will want to make sure the results are good and you feel confident in how your chimney is going to work. This can include the chimney, firebox, or fireplace.

You should only go with a team that has been doing this for years and has a portfolio of results. Pro Chimney Cleaning is all about experience and that is something you are guaranteed to get with us as soon as the process begins.

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Home and Commercial Chimney Inspections in Payson

Chimney Relining

When it is time to reline the chimney, you will want to make sure the right materials are put to use. There is an intricate process associated with the inspection phase and you are going to want to ensure it is handled with professionalism.

The first thing we are going to do with the relining is to understand what is required for it to be done well. This is going to occur during the consultation phase and we are going to offer a long list of details to fine-tune it to your liking.

We know you want the best and that is what you will get with Pro Chimney Cleaning.

Fireplace Installation In Payson, Utah

Installing a new fireplace is one of those processes that has to be handled with care. This includes the type of fireplace that is being installed, how it is going to look in the room, and how it will run when everything is turned on.

You do not want a situation where it is a safety hazard and that is something you can rely on us for. We are always going to run safety tests and make sure everything is taken into account before beginning.

This is what makes us the right option for you moving forward.