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It is essential to think about chimney cleaning and the type of quality you are going to get from it. At Pro Chimney Cleaning, we are the real deal with years of experience and top-tier tools.

When it comes to quality, we are the number one option in the region.

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Fast Turnaround

The turnaround is something we do take the time to focus on. We know our client is not going to want to see things drag along nor will they have to. Our results will be tailored to what you want and that is something we are not going to ignore.

If you want results that matter, you will know it is time to take a look at what we bring to the table.

Quality Results

You will want to make sure any work that is being done on-site is world-class.

This is something you are going to get with us as our experts remain wonderful at what they do. Each specialist has worked on a wide array of projects and will know what to do as soon as it is time to get started.

If you are on the lookout for a good company, Pro Chimney Cleaning is the best option for your needs.


There are strict regulations in Tooele and you will want to go with a team that is aware of those stipulations every step of the way. AT Pro Chimney Cleaning, we have been doing this for a long time, which means you are going to remain compliant as a property owner. We are not going to waste your time with this and the quality will shine through instantly.

Top Materials

All of the materials that are used by our professionals remain vetted. This means anything that is going to be used on your property whether it is a camera to inspect the chimney or a specific tool to set up the fireplace, the tool will be world-class.

This is something you can trust us with and it is a big part of what we do in Tooele. You will know we are the real deal as soon as the project begins due to this excellence.


Grey brick with small chips

Don’t Wait For Your Health To Be Compromised!

Fireplace after chimney cleaning and inspection

Chimney Inspection & Repair In Tooele UT

Chimney Inspection

The chimney is going to take a beating throughout the year and that is something any property will deal with. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you are putting in the effort to keep the chimney in good condition during the year.

If that is what you are thinking about doing, you will know how important it is to reach out to our team at Pro Chimney Cleaning.

Chimney Cleaning

When it is time to look at the chimney, it is best to choose a service provider with the best tools and who will not let you down when it is time to get started. This is the value you are going to get with our team at Pro Chimney Cleaning.

The reason to choose us is knowing you are going to get the best results and it is all going to come together once it is time to move forward with a qualified professional. The expert that is going to come to help will be rigorous when it comes to doing things the right way. This is important for those who only want premium results.

Look to give us a call and know you are with the best.

Personalized Solutions

A good solution is customized down to the last detail. You will appreciate this with the work we are doing and how it all comes together. If you want something that is customized, you will find it here. We are always going to put in the effort needed to tailor what we are doing. This is a must and that is what you are going to get with us instantly.

Complete Transparency

We believe it is essential to maintain an open line of communication with our clients. You will want to know what is going on and how it will affect you throughout the process. With this in mind, we maintain a high standard and ensure you are getting the value that you have set out to get. We are always putting in the effort to offer real value and that is what you are going to get with us instantly.

Chimney Inspections

While fireplaces can be considered a cosmetic feature of the home, they serve a real purpose in providing efficient heating during the colder months. It’s important you schedule an annual Level 1 Inspection if you regularly use your chimney, to ensure it is safe to use and clear of any debris. 

Chimney Repair

Over time it’s not uncommon that the flue in the chimney may begin to crack or have other damages over time. Things like water damage, or poor upkeep can expedite these types of issues and will need to be addressed immediately before the chimney is in use. We are happy to offer Tooele a full range of repair services for any type of chimney!

Chimney Sweep & Cleaning

Regular cleanings are an integral part for maintaining your chimney and ensuring it is safe to use and works as intended. Call us today to book a Level 1 Inspection and cleaning. All inspections come with a comprehensive report, videos, pictures and an estimate if any maintenance or repairs are needed.