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Pro Chimney Cleaning is locally owned and family operated Highland Chimney Sweep provider. We take great pride on being able to offer high quality workmanship with each and every job performed. Striving to deliver our community with only the very best results for an affordable rate. 

Pro Chimney Cleaning is one of the best and is fully equipped and experienced to work on chimneys, fireplaces, and more. Let our work speak for itself and consider giving us a call!

Highland Chimney & Fireplace Services

Committed To Providing Excellence!

One of the main reasons we are noted for being a trustworthy option has to do with our commitment. We are solely focused on understanding what is going to make your chimney cleaning experience better as that is what matters the most. There is no reason to settle for less when it comes to getting value for the time you are spending on getting the solution right.

Pro Chimney Cleaning is all about listening and creating a plan of action for all your Highland chimney and fireplace needs. that will work for you. We will always maintain an open line of communication so you are aware of what we are going to do.

Premier Highland Fireplace Contractor

Licensed And Insured

Pro Chimney Cleaning is noted for offering access to some of the brightest professionals in Highland. This is due to our commitment to training and ensuring you are getting what you set out to receive. There is nothing better than getting to speak to a specialist that is aware of what it takes to do a good job.

We are fully trained to work in Utah and we also are fully insured. This means you are covered with everything you would ever need for work to be done on the chimney or fireplace.

We believe Pro Chimney Cleaning is the ultimate fit for all your chimney and fire places needs!


Great Rates & Straight Forward Pricing

Most people are going to want a competitive rate for any project. This is something we are well aware of and that is why we are appreciated for offering some of the best prices in town. You are not going to have to think twice when going with us because we work diligently to 

This is all about creating a positive environment where you are going to get the project done and it is going to be at a fair price.

Our goal is to work with you and ensure you get what you are after.

Mortar Repair

When the mortar is not in good condition, you are going to be worried about how it is going to age. This is a legitimate concern and it is something you are going to want to dig into as much as you can. If that is the goal, it’s time to look at what this company can do for you.

We are all about setting a high bar when it is time to repair the mortar. This includes how the work is done and the materials that are used during the process.

It is not easy to look for a solution that is going to be well-rounded and will add value to your setup as soon as things are in motion. If that is the quality you are looking for, you will want to make sure to find a solution that works. Our company is one of the best at what it does and is not going to cut corners during the process.

Take the time to set up an appointment with us and know you are going to learn about what will work for your situation.

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Don’t procrastinate on maintaining your chimney or fireplace. Hire our professionals to help keep your chimney operating efficiently and safely.

What Our Highland Chimney Cleaning Service Entails

Quality Equipment

The equipment that is used by our team is some of the best in the business. This is due to the amount of work we have done in Highland and what we know is going to get the job done. The vetting process for our equipment is world-class and it is something we are regularly fine-tuning to ensure it works out as planned.

We realize you are going to want to see good results and that is what you will appreciate with our setup.

The equipment is going to be useful and it will continue to work the way it should.

Local & Affordable Highland Chimney & Fireplace

Chimney Cleaning In Highland Deals & Discounts

The chimney is an element that is going to play a vital role in how the fireplace works. You can’t have a dirty chimney as that is going to lead to major issues including air quality trouble inside the property. If that is an issue you are seeing, you will want to call Pro Chimney Cleaning right away.

We are going to send a specialist to take a peek at what is going on and what the right approach is on cleaning and inspection.

Gas Log Installation, Repairs, Service 

Setting up the gas log requires attention to detail and the right strategy. This is something we have been doing for years and it is this knowledge that is going to ensure you get what you desire. We will use the right materials, pinpoint the right setup, and make sure it lasts for a long time.

You will want a solution that is going to be resourceful and a good fit. If that is what you desire then it is time to take a look at what we can do for you at Pro Chimney Cleaning.

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