Orem Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Repairs & Certified Chimney Inspection Reports

When hiring Pro Chimney cleaning for all of our Orem Chimney Sweep needs, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with a local and family owned chimney cleaning company. Striving to give our customers only the highest quality of workmanship with every chimney repair or chimney inspection performed.

Successfully servicing all of Orem, UT for over 10+ Consecutive years and take great pride in being able to continue to offer competitive rates without sacrificing our work.We are a full service Chimney and fireplace company, offering professional Orem Chimney inspections, cleanings, Installations, Repairs & So MUCH MORE!

Trusted Chimney Sweep Company In Orem, UT

Proven Results

We are all about setting high standards and making sure everything is done to better understand what a client needs. This is what makes us one of the best Orem chimney cleaning companies and a good fit for those who want things done right away.

We offer premium chimney services with a large variety of chimney cleaning techniques, chimney repairs and detailed chimney inspections to ensure the absolute safest burning experience. This can include setting up a new fireplace or even the hardest chimney jobs. We can do it!

We can do it all and we can do it well.

This is what you are going to appreciate as soon as you hire us and bring us onboard. We are going to do everything in our power to get the job done well.

Properly Licensed & Equipped With Industry Leading Tools & Equipment

One of the main reasons our customers choose Pro Chimney Cleaning is they know they are in good hands and will be working with licensed professionals with years of expertise. We have been doing this for over 10+ Years and continue to offer resilient results to all of our clients.

We are also insured which offers peace of mind to property owners. You will know you are in good hands as soon as we begin working on the chimney or fireplace.

Pro Chimney Cleaning is reliable, professional, and all about delivering a quality experience. We know it is important to get the job done well and that is what we are going to do for you.

Locally Owned & Family Operated

We take great pride in offering our affordable Orem Chimney cleaning services and hope generation after generation will continue to carry on our family business. 

Industry leading tools and equipment allow us to perform a detailed and thorough chimney cleaning experience.


Professional Orem Chimney Cleaner Experience

Affordable Chimney Cleaning & Inspection

one of the most important things overlooked in a home is the Chimney / Fireplace. It is highly recommend to have your chimney cleaned and inspected yearly. Failing to regularly keeping up with your chimney cleaning and maintenance could result in a potential risk of fire and improper efficiency

requirements for those who want to ensure the chimney is in good working condition and continues to age the way you want it to.

When hiring our company for your Orem chimney cleaning and inspections needs the first thing we will do is send one of our experienced chimney professionals to assess your chimney, use cameras to see what is going on inside, and then begin cleaning it and finish with conducting our inspection report.

Our company has a strict plan of action when conducting a level 1 or level 2 chimney cleaning and inspection report. If you’ve hired us we are going to do everything in our power to ensure you receive the highest quality of fireplace and chimney services. 

Our Frequently Used Orem Chimney Services

  • Video Camera Inspections
  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Chimney Repair
  • Mortar Repair 
  • Chimney Brick Repair & Replace
  • Fireplace Glass Doors
  • Wood Burning Stoves
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Damper Repairs
  • Animal & Nest Removal
  • Detailed Inspection Report
  • Check Gas Lines
  • Check Venting
  • Check Pilot / Electric Strike
  • Inspect Thermocouple
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Masonary Work
  • Waterproofing
  • Creosote Removal
  • Chimney Reline

Local Orem Chimney Sweep Services 

Your Safety & Satisfaction Matter to us

We Don’t Skip Over Safety!

Choosing Pro Chimney Cleaning as your chimney inspector is something you can rest easy knowing that we will conduct a thorough inspection and report any of our findings in great detail. We eat, sleep and breath chimney and fireplace services and want to ensure you have a great experience working with us. 

Affordable Chimney Services

The icing on the cake is when you are getting work done on the your chimney that involves a good rate. If you are looking for a competent team that is going to offer competitive rates then you will want to take a look at Pro Chimney Cleaning.

We are a well known and respected Orem chimney cleaning company offering world-class rates without compromising on quality. This will ensure you get the results you not only desire but that you as a customer deserve!


True Masters Of The Chimney Trade

Having successfully provided affordable chimney repairs, chimney relines and even custom chimney and fireplace projects it’s safe to say that this is something we have spent years practicing and perfecting our talent to bring Orem only the absolute best chimney services for a reasonable rate. 

We have over 30+ Years combined experience and have successfully serviced Orem for over 10+ Years with very little complaints while being in business which for a business is a bragworthy accomplishment! 

Pro Chimney Cleaning is committed to bringing you only the best possible chimney cleaning services available. 


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Orem Fireplace Services

Fireplace Installation And Maintenance

When you have decided you want a new fireplace, you are going to want to work with a expert such as Pro Chimney cleaning as we understand from start to finish how to properly install a fireplace as well as properly maintain your fireplace.

Choosing where you want your fireplace, the proper venting and construction work required takes a lot of work and working with an inexperienced fireplace company could result in a lot of lost time and money. But luckily if you’re reading this, then you have the opportunity to work with the best 🙂 

The small details matter when it comes to fireplace installations and repairs!

Our Work Completed In a Timely Manner

We know you are going to want things done on time and that is something no one wishes to compromise on. With our team, you are not going to have to worry about this one bit. We are going to have a clear timeline for how things will unfold and that is going to include our approach to the process.

If you are thinking about going with a quick solution then you will like what we bring to the process. We are going to be committed to the process and will guarantee a result that is on par with what you want as a client.

Very pretty fireplace freshly installed