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When was the last time your chimney was cleaned? As per Standard 211 of the NFPA or National Fire Protection Association, you should clean your chimney at least once a year to improve the efficiency and lifespan of the chimney and guarantee the safety of your loved ones. Chimney cleaning is best left to the professionals in the industry. The right chimney cleaning service in West Valley, Utah should have the necessary experience, skills, knowledge, and tools to inspect and clean your chimney the proper way. If you are looking for West Valley, Utah chimney relining, chimney cleaning, chimney inspection services, chimney replacement, chimney repair, or fireplace repair, you don’t have to look further than Pro Chimney Cleaning. We are your go-to expert for all types of chimney cleaning and fireplace installation needs in West Valley, Utah.

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Our chimney cleaning and inspection experts perform full cleanings without leaving any mess. Our team will perform a full chimney inspection before cleaning it to make sure all components operate as they should in order to guarantee the safety of your loved ones. A chimney has many components including the chimney liner. The liner plays a crucial role in directing soot and smoke outside your home. When there are cracks or damages in the chimney liner walls, smoke and soot can back up inside your home and make the indoor environment uncomfortable for your entire family. The risk of house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning increases when the liner doesn’t function as it should. Our experts will inspect the chimney liner for any cracks and damages when cleaning your chimney. We have the latest video camera technology to inspect all parts of your chimney before cleaning it.

Pro Chimney Cleaning is your go-to expert in West Valley, Utah for all your chimney cleaning and inspection needs. With many decades of combined experience in the industry, the team at Pro Chimney Cleaning has the necessary expertise, skills, training, knowledge, and equipment to handle any type of residential and commercial chimney cleaning and inspection service. Call Pro Chimney Cleaning for all your chimney cleaning and fireplace installation needs in West Valley, Utah.

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Chimney Services In West Valley UT

Chimney Cleaning

Our chimney cleaning specialists will perform a thorough cleaning of your fireplace and chimney system. We have the latest technology and equipment for such a job. We will complete every job with a no-mess guarantee. Our team will place tidy floor treatments around your fireplace and clean up the workspace once we complete the job. Our specialist vacuums and tools will help prevent any type of residue or dirt from entering your home.

Chimney Relining

The chimney liner is a major component that helps get rid of smoke and combustibles from your fireplace by taking them up the flue and out of your home. After many years of usage, the flue liner can crack, wear away, or get damaged. Chimney relining is the process of lining the flue in order to improve its efficiency in transporting gasses as well as the heat outside the house. Our team knows how to reline your chimney flue in order to guarantee the safety of your loved ones over time.


Fireplace Installation

If you need fireplace installation or remodeling in West Valley, Utah, you don’t have to look further than Pro Chimney Cleaning. We are your trusted experts in installing the latest fireplaces in your home. We perform gas fireplace installations, electric fireplace installations, and wood-burning fireplace installations.

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West Valley Chimney Cleanings & Inspections


Chimney Inspections

The NFPA’s Standard 211 (National Fire Protection Association) classifies chimney inspections into three levels such as Level I, Level II, and Level III. Each level of inspection comes with specific criteria and a specific scope of work.

. Level I – Level I chimney inspections are recommended for homeowners who have easy access to their chimney systems and want to maintain the systems for current use. In a Level I inspection, a certified chimney technician from Pro Chimney Cleaning will verify that your chimney structure is sound and free of creosote.

. Level II – If you add a new home heating system or change the type of fuel used in the fireplace, you need a level II inspection. Level II inspections are also required when there is heavy damage to the chimney or upon the sale or transfer of a property.

. Level III – When Level I and II inspections suggest a hidden hazard or the evaluation can’t be performed without accessing the concealed areas of the chimney, a Level III inspection is recommended.

Our staff is well-experienced in performing all types of chimney inspections to safeguard the well-being of your loved ones.

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. Our team is licensed and fully insured to perform both residential and commercial chimney cleaning and inspections.

. We are a team of skilled experts in the industry committed to providing competitive prices for cleanings, inspections, cleanings, fireplace installation, and repairs for all types of chimneys in homes and businesses across West Valley.

. Our company has all the best tools to perform these services for homes or businesses of any size. In fact, we have tools and procedures to ensure all of the debris is safely collected and removed from your home.

. After the chimney is cleaned, we perform a camera inspection through the entire chimney line to look for any damage.

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